good idea for a film

it’s about a cop who - get this - doesn’t play by the rules. this guy… he’s something of a loose cannon. but here’s the twist: he doesn’t play by the rules. he’s a lone wolf. you could even say he doesn’t play by the rules. sometimes he actually breaks the rules. that is to say, instead of playing by them. them being the rules. of which he does not play by.




"noot noot" factiod actually just statistical error. nice legs daisy dukes makes ah yes, the scalene triangle. it’s a metaphor. you put the outlier between your teeth but you very bark much meme

not all 9000 barrel rolls

but if those metaphors are so accepting, why is it that i, from bird school,


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Harry Potter - Harry Potter Series


Darren Criss surprised the Timber Lake West campers at Color War 2014 with a video message. (July 2014) [ Youtube Link | Source ]


once upon a time meme

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