Okay so… I’m calm enough to type this thought out I don’t know how behind I am like someone could have already proved this wrong. But okay.. so like I think people know that I’ve been on team definitely breaking up.. with like a 1% margin.


That The Scientist… that has to be at the end of the episode and it was only Finchel and Wemma.. and there was this tiny shred of hope. But my head is telling me it’s stupid because Klaine and Brittana could be just in another verse and they walk out on stage or something i dont know.. but argh I hate that for giving me hope so bad so bad.

And then my head is saying lol you really think they will split up the straight couples and keep the gays? and well yeah that seems so unlikely especially with them pushing sam and brittany.

Oh god. Someone cuddle me?

  1. blaineroo said: can we creys together????
  2. kurtsieklyssa said: *offers cudddles*
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