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[UHQ] New stills of Blaine and Kurt from 5.15, “Bash”


"This place is paradise…"

Jennifer Lawrence photographed by Patrick Demarchelier for the 2014 Dior Campaign.

For those people watching and for anyone here who doesn’t really- you’re not really familiar with us, we have the best fans in the entire world. There is no question, not even a contest. We do. And our band -we’ve been through just a lot of stupid stuff, we’ve been through some ups -some downs, some really low valleys and because we’ve had people all around the world who support us and make us feel loved and like our music matters to them, we are still here, and we’re on this stage tonight playing the iTunes festival and maybe- maybe it’s worth it to say this. If we are up here tonight and we’re playing new songs and a whole new record for you, if we’re doing that tonight, you can get through anything, I promise you that. You really can, and the fighting and the struggle makes it all more worth it.


Newsflash, Everyone: Tom Daley Isn’t Gay

He’s bisexual. And yes, it does make a big difference.

Tom explicitly says in the video that he still “fancies girls,” and he never uses the word “gay,” “homosexual,” or any other synonymous word to describe his sexuality.

The fact that media outlets immediately jump to the conclusion that he’s gay not only contributes to the issue of bisexual erasure, it also misrepresents what Tom Daley said, which was exactly what he wanted to avoid by making the YouTube video in the first place.

So get your facts straight everyone. Tom made an incredibly courageous decision in coming out and he deserves our support and respect. | Click to Donate


Lea Michele for ELLE [US, Dec ‘13]