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Courtney was literally standing next to the guys at the panel today.

Starkid Productions: The Starkid Story.

Jake Serwer interviews members of Starkid Productions during the group’s SpaceTour in Silver Spring, Maryland. The piece highlights the background of Starkid, discusses the fame of Darren Criss, and shares a behind the scenes look to the group on their musical tour across the country.

Because apparently we aren’t all emotionally drained enough yet.




My video of Days Of Summer/Back to Hogwarts. Goosebumps!

London 8pm.

Totally awesome.

(Also Joe on Darren’s part is hella hot)

((Everyone is hella hot))

(((Oh god)))

Oh my god the whole Brian/Joe thing before Hogwarts i can’t stop laughing lol


So that’s pretty awesome.

Good luck to everyone hoping to get Starkid tickets soon.

I think it’s soon? Time difference and all that.

Anyway best of luck tumblr fam! <3



When people ask me in the years to come what I was doing when Osama Bin Laden died, I’m gonna be able to say that I was speed-drawing Joey Richter and his awesome Bug puppet.

Rebloggin’ my shit for Joey Richter’s birfday.

Happy birthday, Joey!  Remember not to cross the streams.


I totally stole this from a girl who met them today- I’m sorry girl, your picture is too cute…

but um…

is Brian wearing… a KLAINE button on his lanyard? 

Can we talk about this?!?!?! 


That’s evil haha.

Tomorrow is PAT BRADY's Birthday! Please sign this group card and share it with any Darren/Starkid fans you know. ⇒


Team Starkid would NOT be where they are today if not for this woman, so please, take a moment to sign and wish her a happy birthday.


It’s finally here, our video piece on Team Starkid at LeakyCon2011 Hopefully we included your favorite bits. 

We can’t count the number of times we sang “Gotta get back to Hogwarts…” during our weekend in Orlando! We has such a great time meeting all the Starkids and fans. Enjoy our take on the madness —plus, anyone who reblogs this, or RTs our Tweet about the video is entered to win a very special Starkid prize!